Is Yeezy too expensive, we’ve got other alternatives for you

Adidas launched Yeezy and then made a name in the circle of sneakers since Kanye joined the family of Adidas. The sneakers were highly-recognized all the time and have been taking the lead in leading street fashion for 3 consecutive years, winning the fame of “the No 1 fashion icon of the globe”.

Comfort, fashion, limited edition and all-purpose style are the quality of the sneakers, which makes it harder for people to buy, and its market price has multiplied several times. The price of the sneakers with other color has gone beyond 5000 yuan. The domestic price of the sneakers is 1899, it reminds be out of the reach of many youths.

In view of this, the sharp-sighted Adidas has launched a series of sneakers, with its design looking like Yeezy and its price a slightly cheaper than it, as a way to satisfy the demand, and many people call it mini-Yeezy. As a matter of fact, this series took up a larger share of the market, we have to marvel that Adidas is good at raking in huge profits via its differentiated marketing.

Let’s have a look at some sneakers called mini Yeezy.

Adidas Tubular Invader kind of similar with Yeezy 750.

Adidas Tubular Rise

Tubular X PK

Adidas Tubular Shadow

Adidas Alpha Bounce air solo Bounce it wears comfortable.