Doesn’t anyone tell you before that Adidas cannot be matched with Nike

Recently, a photo posed by Pinoe 77 showed that Bassar football player Lionel and Luis matched their NIKE team uniform with their Yeezy 350 V2 Boost. At the same time, some comments under the account said that Doesn’t anyone tell them before that Yeezy cannot be matched with NIKE, which evoked some disputes among netizens.

Franky, Yeezy has many colors and it wear comfortable and is easy to match, which makes it even easier to match with others.

However, mix and match style is not the solo play of Yeezy, Shwan Yue, the fashion icon, once worn his adidas EQT 93/17 Boost with the NIKE socks, receiving the blame from the netizen that such a mix and match style looked too wired.

In your daily life, you must encounter many guys who match their Adidas with Nike

At the same time, I collected many Q&As on how do you think of the mix and match of Adidas with Nike

However, as the style and single product become more and more, mix and match will become a prevailing phenomenon. Overall, how to match your clothes with your shoes, it is all up to you.

What’s your opinion on the mix and match of Nike and Adidas.