adidas Predator Tango 18+ Boost is releasing new color! Nike SF-AF1 gives surprise for the female fans?

The charming wine red Nike SF-AF1“Vintage Wine” is coming with the good smell of wine

Nike has released many outstanding colors especially for females. This time, it brings surprise for the female sneakerheads. Using SF-AF1 as the designing blue print, the sneaker is made of red wine chamois and Nylon comprehensive materials, showing an outstanding feeling sense. The middle shoe sole changes the white color to the light pink, which appeals to the shoe face. The ties at the uppers are label with the letters “Force is Female”, giving this sneaker special meaning. This sneaker is already released now, priced at 180USD.

Soft Olive green

adidas Predator Tango 18+ Boost “Olive” is coming with the wind

adidas is going to release Predator Tango 18+ Boost “Olive”. The shoe face will be made of PK material with a more fitting sock design. Except the white Boost of the middle sole, other parts are all used the sfot olive green. However, there are “Predator”letters in the back frame and the inner side of the upper, indicating its identification. It is said that the sneaker will be released on Jan. 5th, and the price is unknown. Those who love it can pay attention to this.

Revenge x Storm hook & loop version comes now!

Revenge x Storm received many praises in 2017, which is the work of designer–Ian Connor. There are shoe tie version and hook & loop version exposed before. The lightening figure on the leathered materials in the shoe face is still kept. And the “OFF THE SHXTS”at the end and embroidered Revenge at the shoe tongue passed down either. It is said that the hook & loop version is designed by Revenge Skate Team. It is already released, priced at 6900 TWD.

“Wheat”and “Bordeaux”come together

Completely new Jordan Flight Fresh Premium has been released!

The “Wheat” and“Bordeaux”colored sneaker has many loyal fans. This time, Jordan Flight Fresh Premium brings these two classic colors to people. This sneaker is made of wheat and red wine leathered material in the shoe face. It is matched with simple white big shoe sole, showing a strong feeling sense. The “Jumpman”Logo at the end of the middle shoe sole is applied with the same solution as the shoe face, making the sneaker integrated as a whole. The lower upper design and full ankle design guarantee the comfort, meeting the demand of people off the match. It is said that this sneaker is released already, priced at 120USD.

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